We love hearing from folks who tell us about the comfort
they enjoy and the countless miles they've walked in our sandals. All our
customers say, "I love my Rainbow Sandals." We hope you will too.

- Jay R. Longley, Founder/President


No one really knows how Rainbow Sandals became the go-to footwear for Californians. Maybe it’s because they can be worn with just about anything. Maybe it's because they're handmade with care. Or maybe, it’s because the more you love and wear them, the more they love you back.

We’ve heard stories of people wearing the same pair of Rainbow Sandals for over 20 years. Because they last so long, happy customers often send their retired Rainbows back to Sparky, along with personal stories of the mileage they've gotten out of them.

If you ever get a chance to visit the store in San Clemente, you’ll see 20-year-old flip flops hanging on the wall! Guess it proves that Rainbows are one-of-a-kind solemates.



What’s Battle of the Paddle? It’s only the most awesome stand-up paddling event in the world! What’s stand-up paddling? Gosh, where have you been?

SUP involves standing upright on a surf board while balancing and paddling across the water. It first became popular with Hawaiian surfing instructors in the 60s. Today, it's the fastest growing watersport ever.

In 2008, Rainbow Sandals and surfing legend Gerry Lopez launched Battle of the Paddle, a high-energy SUP race in Orange County, California. In 2012, Battle of the Paddle set the Guinness World Record for "World’s Largest Paddleboard Race” and unofficially holds the record for “Most Surfers Riding a Single Wave”.
Ain't that sweet?