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Please be warned that this blog post is peppered with puns. Sorry, but we could't help ourselves.

We get quite a few emails every day from Rainbow Sandals fans, but when we received an email from Hayden Quinn of MasterChef Australia fame, some of the girls on the team went nutty as fruitcakes.

Hayden Quinn's email to Rainbow Sandals Australia

Of course we were keen as mustard to get him on Team Rainbow, so we mailed him a pair of Premier Leather Sierra Browns and got a chance to chew the fat with him a little.

You might know that he cooks, he surfs, loves the ocean and was 2012 Cleo Bachelor of the Year, but did you know that if he were a kitchen utensil, he would be a lemon juicer? Yeah, we didn't think so. It's something he only tells good mates... like us. We're like two peas in a pod. Maybe. At least that's how we feel. Too creepy? Man, we just like the guy.

Tell us about the first time you surfed and why you love it. One of my first waves I ever surfed stand-up was on an old coolite board which an older family friend passed onto me. It was in Greenmount Bay on the Goldy (looked a lot different back then). I guess I just loved the feeling and the freedom and that 'salty sunburnt head' feeling you get when you get out.

What do you love most about the ocean? The multitude of excitement it can provide for us -- surf, fun, beauty, food, insights. It's a life source.

Favorite beach: Dee Why, where I grew up.

What is your favorite place to eat at and why? At home, mainly because I get to share the meal with people most important to me -- friends, family, loved ones. And if I am super lucky, someone else will be cooking, like Mum. Haha. 

If you were a food, what would you be? Octopus.

If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be? Lemon juicer.

If you could pick any person (living or otherwise) to cook for, who would he/she be and why?
My grandfather. I never got to meet him so it would be unreal to see what sort of person he was.

What was the first recipe you ever created? One of the first recipes I ever cooked was the classic Toad in a Hole. It was something I would cook when I got home from school. It is in my new cookbook Dish It Up, which will be available December this year. Check out my current eBooks at

First place ever traveled to: Internationally, that was NZ for a rugby trip. 2003 I think. Since then I have packed a lot in.

Favorite place visited: Damn. Central America was pretty amazing, but then I love Italy (just got back from there) and India was a real experience.

Where you would really like to visit: Not really a place, but  one day, I want to do the Trans Siberian Railway, which is a massive train journey from Beijing, China to St Petersburg, Russia, or vice versa.

The dude enroute to South Africa. Baller!Stoked to know that his Rainbows are traveling with him. You go, Hayden. You go.

Cook, Presenter, Author. If you could only be one, which would it be? Ideally, I would love to be a better writer. I have always enjoyed writing about my travels. If you can write, then you can do all the other stuff and share it with everyone.

What is your favorite daily attire? Shorts, Rainbows, grey or white shirt.

Why do you love your Rainbow Sandals? 'Cause the more you wear them, the better looking they get.

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October 18, 2013

Hi Hayden,
So you must right a travel book with your wonderfull photos, that’s my suggestion!!!!

And don’t forget the marvelous sunsets and sunrises of this marvelous and suprising planet Earth!!!!

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