Chasing Rainbows? Golden Breed Byron Bay has got you covered.

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Ahh... Spring. The weather's warming up and it's time to hang up your winter boots to let your toes frolic in the sunshine. It's also time to announce our totally fresh retail partner, Golden Breed.

While talking to the awesome team at Golden Breed, we found out that this top Aussie surf brand had a little more in common with Rainbow Sandals than we thought: Golden Breed started in California USA back in the late 1960s. Yes. Way.

The "Golden Breed" name and logo was first used by surf entrepreneur Francis 'Duke' Boyd in a 1967 surfing competition in California. Textile company Don Rancho Corporation saw it and loved it, registered the trademark, and with a posse of world champion surfers, became the coolest brand on the planet.

In 1969, South Australian surfer John Arnold came across Golden Breed in his travels, bought the license and launched it in Australia. It was a huge success until the late 70s, when unforeseen circumstances threatened the future of the business, and the brand decided to take some time out.

In the late 90s, Golden Breed staged a comeback and barreled its way into the hearts of beach loving Australians. Now a fully-owned Australian company, they're a brand that's all about quality, comfort, and being the "real deal" – something we can totally get behind.

From today, you'll be able to pop into Golden Breed in Byron to get your Rainbows Sandals. Looks like the golden days of Californian surf and beach culture are shining brighter than ever on Lawson Street. We is psyched!

Golden Breed Byron Bay
10 Lawson Street

Byron Bay NSW 2481
02 6680 7944 

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